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Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy Course


Qualify in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Course Liverpool where you can learn the precise skills needed to help empower people to make changes in their life.

Discover clinical hypnotherapy techniques and how to use them ethically & safely on a range of issues from anxiety to pain and addiction.


Qualify in Hypnotherapy

26th – 29th March 2018

Hypnotherapy Course Liverpool and Reiki Course Liverpool where you can learn the precise skills needed to help empower people to make changes in their life.

Discover clinical hypnotherapy techniques and how to use them ethically & safely on a range of issues from anxiety to pain and addiction. Scroll down for more info.

After the success of the October 2017 course it returns to help people achieve their dreams.

What You Will Learn

  • Traditional hypnotherapy: techniques used for over 100 years
  • Modern and rapid hypnotherapy techniques: cutting edge and scientifically proven
  • NLP: hypnosis that can be applied anywhere
  • EFT & The Rubbing Technique: perfect tools for you to use alongside hypnosis
  • Running a Business: finding your clients, advertising and branding
  • Conversational Hypnosis: make shifts in people in everyday situations (NEW FOR 2018)
  • Soul Coaching: an affordable treatment for people where the price of hypnosis is too much (NEW FOR 2018)

What You Will Discover

In each of the learning outcomes you will discover exactly what they are, can be used for and how they work. Specifically you will gain knowledge in the following:

  • How to hypnotise and take people into trance slowly and comfortably
  • How to hypnotise rapidly and and create spectacular feelings
  • How to take away feelings associated with negative emotions
  • How to reduce and in some cases stop physical pain
  • How to conduct past life regresssions
  • How to break addictions
  • How to balance chakras

Who Should Do this Diploma

The course is perfect if you have no knowledge whatsoever of hypnosis or holistic therapy, or, you are a hypnotherapist who either doesn’t feel satisfied with your level of skills or want to learn exactly what you must do to be able to increase your business, number of clients and confidence.

Everyone is treated fairly and respected, so if you already use hypnosis your experience will be welcome, if you want to work with or without scripts this diploma will give you the knowledge and confidence.

Why You Must Choose this Diploma

The diploma has been deigned and is delivered by Phil Steele BA(Hons).

Its important that you are taught by someone you can trust in terms of their expertise & professionalism. Here is some information you must know about Phil:

  • Qualified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach
  • Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Educated to Masters MSC Psychology in Edge Hill University
  • Founder of The Rubbing Technique
  • Public Speaker and signed author
  • Previous 15 years experience in international business and senior management


The diploma takes place at the stunning UNESCO world heritage site of Liverpool Waterfront in the Port of Liverpool Building. The building is located in the heart of the city centre close to all major hotels and transport links.

What You Can Expect

4 days of training, certificates in Hypnotherapy and EFT, printed manuals, online content and access to an exclusive facebook group plus ongoing support from Phil.

The very next day you can advertise to treat he following:

What the Class of 2017 Said:

Key Details:

How to plan, treat and provide VIP after care in hypnotherapy

1 Session Hypnosis: 3 part protocol to help work on almost every client

Rapid Hypnosis: fast and explosive

Traditional Hypnosis


The Rubbing Technique: The only course in the world to teach this powerful technique

Where: Port of Liverpool Building, Liverpool L3 1BY

When: 26th – 29th March 2018



Secure with a deposit of £200 and pay off by April

What makes this course stand out is that I share exactly how to go from having 1-2 clients a week to having a waiting list, plus how to market yourself, using social media & the theories of how the mind works.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll send you an audio recording of how you will sound when you complete the course.

More Info on What You’ll Learn

What is Hypnosis

Discover the secrets of hypnosis, where & how it occurs naturally & why it is such a powerful cure for mind & body issues

A brief history of the foundations of history & the modern schools of thought

The process of hypnotherapy: getting clients, preparing treatments, leading the session & after care


The 5 letters that will give you the tools to successfully use hypnosis to help clients make the changes they desire in life

How to induct people

Discover how to safely put a client into hypnotic trance

Learn how to hypnotise anyone, even clients where previous hypnotists have failed to

Discover the fast shock & awe techniques to click your fingers and say SLEEP

Learn the traditional progressive relaxation inductions that prove still to be popular

How to deepen trance

Take a client from initial relaxation to a level of depth you need based on the therapy type

Learn multiple ways to do this including the famous ‘staircase’ & powerful ‘autumn leaves’

Treating mild anxiety, phobias, addictions, weight loss, stress, smoking

Methods & techniques proven to help treat clinical issues

1 Session Hypnosis

Using the 3 part protocol provided by an International Hypnotherapist


Safety & client confidentiality


The best personality test to use with clients

What drives all human decisions

Regulatory guidelines


The Rubbing Technique

A quick powerful technique to help clients turn negative feelings into nothing


Secrets of Stage Hypnosis

Learn how to plan and run a successful hypnosis show for charity


You’ll receive training manuals, refreshments & videos of the course


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