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Psychology & Hypnotherapy Treatments to Transform your Life


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Choose Professional Anxiety Help With: Anxiety & Depression Research has proven that hypnotherapy can alter how your mind reacts to anxiety and depression specifically if you experience any of these issues: Emotional baggage from unresolved trauma in the past Panic attacks caused by stress, pressure and social anxiety Living under difficult circumstances like abusive relationships…
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What’s the reason behind Castle Street’s strange Christmas music? Phil Steele in the Liverpool Echo

Phil was recently interviewed by the Liverpool Echo due to his knowledge on binaural beats. Check out the full article here:

Binaural Beats & the Brain

Binaural beats are pieces of music that create an auditory illusion within the brain. This occurs by two beats of slightly similar frequencies are played at the same time.   Depending on the frequency of the beats, they activate parts of the brain that put the listener into different stages of brain wave functions where…
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Lifestyle Magazine Phil Steele Interview

Check this month’s Lifestyle magazine article about Phil Steele. In November Amanda Moss, who has appeared on ITV’s this morning and foundered the magazine and Liverpool Lifestyle Awards was a guest of Phil’s to his office. Phil answered questions about his life and experiences with hypnosis, reiki and law of attraction and then performed a…
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Law Of Attraction and Karma: What You Need to Know to Be A Success

The Law of Attraction should be simple; you are a magnet and therefore what you focus on you attract. Most people are now aware that the level of frequency you are on determines what you can manifest and frequency is determined by the view you have of yourself which creates the energy you put out.…
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